What's the name of the title of the save?

Dear people at intfiction.org.

I’m currently building a save interface. Why? Because I intend mine to be in French, not in English, and I’ve not seen any option to circumvent the default English language of the UI.saves() interface. Right now my problem is I don’t know how to call the save title, the one crated with Save.slots.save(), in the documentations the “Midgard” thing.

Save to the sixth slot save with the title "Midgar" and no metadata
Save.slots.save(5, "Midgar")

I’m very unsure what’s the name of this element. Does anyone know it?

Thanks in advance,

Twine Version: 2.6.1
Sugarcube: 2.36.1


If you still want to keep the old Save System/UI, it is totally possible to translate it into French!
You can find the French translation to the Save (and other set text in Sugarcube) under the Localization header on in the SugarCube download page. You can copy-paste the JavaScript code into your project and it will appear in French!
(I’ve used it before for a few projects of mine)

As for the save titles it depends on what you want to do (here’s an example of different options, if you have an Autoname toggle). You might want to look into the Saves.onsave API.

(si tu préfères des explications en français, dis-le moi :stuck_out_tongue: )


Than you Manon.

While you did not answer the exact question you addressed the issue, so it’s even better.

However, out of curiosity, I’d be interesting in the answer to my initial question!


If you mean, how do you access the title property of the Save Object you created when you called Save.slots.save(5, "Midgar"), then the answer is you can use the Save.slots.get() function to access the Save object that was created.

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Thank you Greyelf, that’s exactly what I meant.