Whatever happened to SPAG magazine

It’s been more than a year since the last SPAG magazine…
Does anyone know when (if) there will be another issue?

I really think that such a magazine is needed in our community… Is there anything else like it around?

Thank you!

I agree that it’s missed, but as long as we have people writing about IF, is the only thing we’re missing an editor / curator? Specifically, one with the uncanny combination of wanting to do it, being able to do it, and believing themselves able to do it. The infrastructure requirements otherwise must be pretty light. (Then again, if someone wanted to marry SPAG, Let’s Play and Club Floyd, they could potentially come up with a fascinating interactive game review format. But no need to make this unnecessarily complex!)

I used to really look forward to SPAG. I’d followed it since 2004, when I first started following the IF community at all. I liked it when SPAG would interview the winners of the annual Comp, and I miss the analytical “Specifics” reviews. I wrote several normal reviews for SPAG, spread out over the years that I’d been reading it. The editorials were usually interesting and insightful, as well.

Maybe a conventional issue-based ezine is no longer viable. I’m sure everything that was done on SPAG is still done now on people’s blogs, the IFDB, and the IF Wiki. However, the ezine gave a sense of formality that helped direct my attention to games and other trends in the IF community that I was interested in looking into. I’ve never made the effort to stay on top of everything on my own.

I miss SPAG too. I’ve emailed David offering to help but haven’t had any reply.

It is a shame if it’s truly gone. I miss it too.

I had the chance to speak with the current editor at PAX East a fair bit, and basically life happened. Like, his life has been completely and utterly nuts in the last year. I’ve been meaning to prod him and see if there will be an IFComp 2012 coverage issue, though.