What updates do you want to hear about IFWiki?

Hi everyone,

A lot of updates go on at IFWiki. On this forum, we announce major new features (for example, the databases for software and events, and the event calendar), but more goes on behind the scenes. What other kinds of IFWiki news are you interested in hearing about on the forum? Names of new wiki pages? Which software (interpreters, authoring systems, etc.) has been updated recently? Something else? And how frequently would you be interested in hearing about it? Please let us know!


I think frequency on a forum isn’t a problem, if it’s a regular item (like “New Pages This Week” or “Recently Updated”) then it can be contained on a thread that gets updated each time, rather than create a new thread for each thing.


I would enjoy a weekly? monthly? recap of new pages and page edits!


What to include: new pages, updated/edited pages, by category: people, events (like comps/jams), IF works, IF lore, etc.


All the above if not more?? I’d read it.


I have to send a monthly report to the IFTF Board about IFWiki each month. Reports also get sent about IFDB, the IF Archive, and the other IFTF things. They are all very matter of fact and dry. We draft the IFWiki reports on a private category on this forum, and recently have made them public when finalised (IFWiki report for IFTF board for December 2023, IFWiki report for IFTF Board for January 2024 and IFWiki report for IFTF Board for February 2024).

The ideas within this topic could be incorporated into the monthly reports, to make them much more engaging. Anyone interested in contributing could join the private category. I think you can request to join via the “Request” button on this page: Ifwiki advisors - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum.

I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write a report every week, but I don’t have anything against that in principle :slight_smile:


How about a monthly report of new pages and significant changes to existing pages to coincide with the report to IFTF? Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.


Maybe we should draft it on the wiki rather than on the forum! We could still link to it (or copy and paste it) on the forum.

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Ok here goes – I’ve added the last three reports to the wiki, and added a draft for March 2024. We can edit it there!