What Twine story format is best for writing a text adventure?

I want to write a text adventure with dice-rolling functionality etc - using Twine but I’m wondering which story format is best (Chapbook, Harlowe, Snowman, Sugarcube) - I have basic html and some JavaScript knowledge, but it is a little limited.

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Any format can do a text adventure with a dice-roll. :slight_smile:
It’s just a matter of finding the relevant macro/code to do so.

So essentially, which ever format you find comfortable. Harlowe is considered the most beginner friendly out of the built-in formats, with Chapbook right behind. SugarCube lets you implement more JavaScript code than Harlowe. You essentially build a new engine with Snowmar (all from scratch).
You may end up finding more tutorials for SugarCube than the other format.

Something like this?

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awesome thanks I will try and find/implement this random macro in my Harlowe story.