What to write? noseDescription / Nose description / NOSE_DSC

How do you prefer to label stuff in Inform? I can’t decide myself, even though I don’t like having spaces in them. Inform seems so alien compared to other kind of coding that I can’t decide on what would be the best choice.

I assume you’re referring to Inform 7, not Inform 6?

I try to make everything read as naturally as possible, so I avoid underscores and internal capitalization in favor of multi-word phrases.

Yes, I’m talking Inform 7!

I’m with Draconis. Ideally, I want my code to spell out its intent as if it were natural (if exact) prose.

I typically use nose-description. Except “description” is long enough and common enough to abbreviate, so I might write nose-desc instead.

I don’t use spaces because I just don’t want to deal with source conflicts with a nose object. The compiler can deal with that stuff, and it’s usually not a big deal, but I prefer to rule out that category of problem from the get-go.

Thanks! I’m still a bit undecided, but I guess the important part is that I just pick something and stick with it