what is up with the IF archive?

Just one question: There are like 40 unprocessed items in the IF archive. What is going on?

What’s going on? Not processing, that is for sure. Hahaha!

It says 34 now (through IF archive itself). I don’t know if that is because they’re processing now or because you qualified your initial punt of 40 with ‘like’ and there were 34 before.

I think it’s just one person doing it. I guess all I can say is he may be indisposed. My impression was it’s not done with super regularity. Sometimes it’s done frequently, sometimes not.


Hmmm, there’s still quite a backlog. Some games - like The Mary Jane Of Tomorrow, or Kerkerkruip - got processed fairly quickly, but others (predominantly Quest, Web and BASIC .7z games) have been there for a few months now.

Maybe whoever is doing this just needs a helping hand? I haven’t the time to volunteer, myself. It’d be easier for a single person to go back to managing it themselves (if they want to go back to doing it alone) once this backlog were cleared.