What is the history of the IF Art Show?

So, I’ve seen a lot of games mentioned in the XYZZYs that are from the IF art show, such as Galatea, the Fire Tower, Redemption, and the Cove. But I don’t know much about the IF art show. How did it get started? Is it still going on? If not, how did it end?

For those of you who participated, are there any interesting highlights in its history?

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It is not still going on; the IF Art Show was Marnie Parker’s idea, and she ran it for a number of years, but I think she lost interest or became too busy otherwise. Her site is still up and still explains a lot of the ideas behind the project, though: iffydoemain.org/iffyart/

It’s a shame nothing like this is up and running still. I’d love to do something like this…

Likewise, I find this intersection of an e-museum with interactive fiction and some simple art to be rather interesting! I really like the old Internet aesthetic of the original page, and think it would work best if kept. Something low-tech to counterbalance the very Bootstrapped and hyperglossy Sub-Q.

Do it.

Seconded. There’s obviously demand!

Well, if there’s actually demand, I’ll look into this original site more and see what strikes my fancy. If you’re interested in maybe getting something like this off the ground, let me know. I won’t commit on it yet, but I am in the process of overhauling my website at the moment – this would be a fun project to add.