What is the easiest way to decorate and place rooms

What is the easiest way to decorate a bunch of rooms, parking lots and roads.

I have created lots of roads and rooms but now they must be decorated with props and scenery objects to make it more real.

Is there another way as to decorate them one by one?

How can you make a parking lot or gas station part of a specific room or road with decorations, scenery and props?

How can you make an apartment part of a specific building with matching decorations, scenery and props?


Ryan Veeder has a great article about his method. It’s only one way of doing things, but it works well for beginners (and experienced people with similar styles to his):


You can also create a single backdrop representing the gas station or whatever, and make the various related bits of decoration into parts of the backdrop. If the player is expected to interact with the thing in mays that alter the world model, this is a bad idea since opening the door to one gas station will open it everywhere - but for this kind of thing I’d think you wouldn’t want it to be especially interactive anyway.


You are correct but what if there will be vehicle at the gas station that the player needs to interact with?


Oh, I’d just make the vehicle as a regular object and put it in the location where the gas station will also show up - you can describe it as being at the gas station using a conditional checking if it’s in the region where the gas station backdrop shows up. That way it seems like it’s “at” the gas station but you’re not actually changing the implementation of the generic thing.


Make sense, will try it out and see how it works.

Can please direct me on how I can place a room say west of a road (1st Street) and an extension of that road (west 1st Street) to the west of 1st Street.

If I code it like that it says that I already have a location to the west of 1st Street.

Not sure on how to work around this.


Personally, I think I’d try to rearrange the layout a little. Otherwise, it can be confusing for the player to imagine the place and to navigate in it. If the road continues to the west, where is the additional room located? What should happen if the player types WEST in the 1st Street?

I think I’d just try to put any buildings (or curbside locations) on the edges of the roads. That is, if a road runs east-west, then the buildings are to the north and south of it, and if a road runs north-south, then they are to the east and west. And you can employ diagonal directions, too, if necessary.

It could look like this, for example:


Thanks, that make a lot of sense as I could not quite figure out how to code this.
Now I have a better understanding of how to approach the layout of the map.