What is (or was?) PrintText()?

I’ve been looking at the code for Bigger Than You Think, and it seems like it adds hyperlinks using pre-existing Quixe/GLK techniques. But the main thing it uses to print it out is ‘PrintText’, like this:

[ DisplayBoldLink opt   avail;
	avail = LinksAvailable();
	if (avail)
	if (avail)

The Inform compiler doesn’t recognize PrintText(). It’s not defined elsewhere in the file, which otherwise seems to compile just fine. Searching this forum for PrintText, many examples come up, but all in 2013 or earlier.

So I assumed it was deprecated, but the Inform 6 patch notes don’t mention it:

Any idea where it went, or what it does?

Never mind. I figured it out: it was renamed to PrintI6Text():

Another routine in past builds was called
PrintText(x), and although this still exists, it has been renamed


since it prints a packed string or calls an I6 routine, but won’t work on
the new I7 text value.