What interpreters are available for Palm OS?

I want to play interactive fiction on a Palm OS 4.1.2 device. There is a software called Frobnitz (http://frobnitz.sourceforge.net/) which can play Z-machine games. That leaves me fairly limited though and there are few Inform games that I really like. Is there any way to play the Time and Magick series or other Level 9 games on a Palm device? Are there interpreters for Alan or TADS or other text adventure formats?

Kronos plays Magnetic Scrolls and Scottfree (Scott Adams adventures) games, CellarDoor supports Glulx, and there’s a Hugo interpreter for PalmOS as well. As far as Level 9 games go, your best bet might be trying one of the Spectrum emulators available for PalmOS and playing the Spectrum versions.

I know of the following interpreters for PalmOS:

Running Z-Code only:

  • Frobnitz (v1.02)
  • PalmPilotFrotz (v1.0R6)
  • ZIP (as bundeled with Trevor Menagh’s ACgames collection)

Running Z-Code and Magnetic Scrolls:

  • kronos (v147)

Running Hugo:

  • Hugo (v31)

All run on my old m500 (PalmOS 4.0) but Kronos is a little bit too ressource hungry for that little thing and therefore unstable. I personally prefere Frobnitz for Z-Code.

Thanks for the help! What is the name of the Spectrum emulator?

A google search gave me this:http://www.worldofspectrum.org/emulators.html#palmos