What ever happened to this IF IDE?

About a decade ago I read about an old school programmer starting a new GUI tool that was supposed to help non-programmers write interactive fiction. At the time, I was less than impressed… for one thing, it was the late 90s and he was trying to help people write adventure-type games, and for another the guy thought that the reason non-programmers had trouble with interactive fiction was that variables had a range of 0 to 1, and his solution was to use variables with a range of -0.5 to +0.5. :unamused: That, and his other idea was an attempt to recover from illegal operations within scripts by letting the program change inputs until it attains workable results.

But the guy was famous for inventing something a few decades ago and I’m curious as to what this guy has done since. Does anyone know of the development tool I’m thinking of?

This is a longshot, but maybe you mean Chris Crawford and Storytron?