What do you feel is the IF Language with the most comprehensive manual / documentation

Admitting that I am old school, I like manuals (PDFs) better than on-line tutorials. Please list more than one. thanks.

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I only know one language, but I feel the TADS3 docs are very thorough. I learned programming through them… and I feel like it’s a language well suited to the older school of games.


Inform 7 certainly has a lot of documentation (in the form of manuals), with very useful examples. However, the organization of this documentation leaves a lot to be desired; the best way to find the documentation on a specific phrase or rule (i.e. routine) is to go through the index in the IDE, which can bring you to the right page immediately. Which means there’s a bit of an “online” component to it as well.

If the documentation contained a “default” index (the sort of thing Inform generates from an empty project), that would help a lot. (Hint, hint.)


Agree in copying out the default index, whose document well the library in what matters (verbs, rulebooks, actions &.c), and that ought to be added to the documentation set.

that the organisation of the documentation is a maze of twisty little passages, everyone agree, and v.10’s documentation add another layer of complexity, so if inform 7’s documentation remains the most extensive by far, the best organised remains that of TADS 3.

OTOH, for jedi-grade coders (“use the Source”) the best documentation is that of Inform 6 and TADS 2, albeit I7’s source-type documentation is quickly approaching the level of inform 6 and TADS 2.

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