What do you do besides IF?

Just like the title says, what do you do for a living and what other things, besides IF, are you interested in?

  • I play a lot of contemporary boardgames (things like Ticket to Ride, Powergrid etc. rather than Monopoly).
  • I pick mushrooms (I’ll be heading out tomorrow to get some Auriculares).
  • I read novels: I’m reading Life: A User Manual by Georges Perec at the moment and it’s really striking how easily it could be converted into IF as the book is comprised almost entirely of room and object descriptions.

What do you do?

You first :wink:

I’ve played MMOs for years but with my fave World of Warcraft being boring and uninspired these days, I’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately. I’ve also been working on a massive CYOA-style novel for several years now which will hopefully be finished soon.

I am almost as obsessive about adventure games as I am about IF. The reason for the “almost” is that nowadays the genre seems to include “find the hidden object”, “escape the room” and “play some minigames instead of continuing to play the actual game you paid money for”. Neither of those are appealing to me in any way, so I’m a lot more selective now.

Other than that, I sing opera - if by “sing” you can also mean “I have classes three days a week, I sing arias and duets every saturday without fail at a hotel where I’m not being paid, and it’s pretty much on my mind 24/7/52”.

Occasionally I go on a reading binge. I’ve yet to resume my Agatha Christie reading binge, halted when I got to Black Coffee. It’s a novelization of a play, so it was actually written by someone else, and the effect was so jarring it halted my binge completely.

I’ve also been enjoying 3D films because I made a home-made set of anaglyph glasses and therefore I can. It’s sweet. “Life Of Pi” is a beaut of a film.

I’m a copywriter by day, primarily making websites for local businesses. I used to freelance and did a lot of varied stuff in that time, including a fair bit of ghost writing (nonfiction) but I’ve got the cozy office gig now.

Outside of work (does life exist outside of work? with the commute eating so much of my day, sometimes I’m not sure) I’ve been known to write novels occasionally (under the name T.L. Bodine) and I play entirely too many video games. Sometimes I do video reviews and let’s plays, mostly for fun because I’m trash at them.

I also have a small zoo of animals in my house, including rats, who are a lifelong passion. I used to do rescue and altogether have owned or rehomed about 60 rats over about 10 years of rescue. That broke my heart so now I’m more of a hobbyist, but I am proud to be “the rat lady” and know more about rat health and behavior than basically anyone I’ve ever met lol. (This is how I ended up deciding to name my would-be media company Glass Rat)

Glass Rat, you should play Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder and You’ve Got a Stew Going! by Ryan Veeder. They star anthropomorphic rats. (Nothing realistic about them, mind you.) I think Captain Verdeterre himself even won the XYZZY award for Best NPC.

Adding to the list! Because there absolutely need to be more rats in fiction. ALL THE RATS.

(I actually have a visual novel in the works that’s planned to bridge the events of my rat novel, Nezumi’s Children, with its sequel. It’s the most absurdly pompous thing in the world to do but hey at least it should be fun)

I teach and write philosophy. Once in my life–once–someone asked me, “So, you’re a philosopher?” and I was able to respond “Yes. I think very deeply.

I also try to organize my life so I can spend as much time as possible listening to music, usually jazz and related stuff, often avant-garde music. (This is why I’m so obsessed with figuring out which games have sound.) Other indie games are cool, especially platformers for some reason, but I’m also feeling a little alienated from non-IF games at the moment after some experiences with games that just won’t run satisfactorily on my computer. Like, I don’t understand why your little Unity thing is only running one frame per second, and I certainly can’t play a racing game with that kind of non-responsiveness. I have an enduring love for everything by Nifflas I’ve played though (that is to say, NightSky and Knytt Underground, because Macintosh).

I also like to read fiction, which tends to get done after I’ve gone up to bed and before I go to sleep (currently: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao). And between all this and family stuff and a big crunch at work, I feel like I’ve barely had time to play any IF since mid-October! I am so bad at IFComp.

Ooh. Ooooooh. Oooooooooooh. If you ever start to organize this project, hook me up.

(Also if you need any hints for secrets in the book, I have some, particularly for the 51st chapter. And if you’ve figured anything out you want to share, let me know. Maybe I should just start a “Life: A User’s Manual” spoilers thread.)

You could also check out Cursed from the 2011 IFComp, where one option is to play as a rat (well, as a person who’s been turned into a rat). (I found the walkthrough necessary for the part I played, though, and wound up not finishing though it was just a question of putting it down and never picking it back up rather than ragequitting).

I write music reviews. That’s… basically it.

I play boardgames, build and fly rockets, and practice karate. With a kid and an ongoing IF project, this is PLENTY :slight_smile:

I’m currently a full time student, majoring in computational linguistics but mostly studying everything I can get my hands on (from Ancient Greek dialects to Clifford algebra). I’m also learning to sing opera in what remains of my free time.

I’m into rock climbing, yoga, and tai chi, and between that and work and sometimes some semblance of a social life, my entire week is gone.

I used to make THESE.

Now I just go to work and hang out with you fine lot.

Currently: Waiting for No Man’s Sky and Fallout 4. And Fallout 5, it’ll be a while but it’ll get here.


If you ever want to talk about it to a total stranger who happens to be doing the same thing, I’d be more than happy.

Do you have a favourite?

Hum, I think I may recognize your avatar from BGG. Possible?

My collection is here (sort by rating to see my favorites):

boardgamegeek.com/collectio … dgame&ff=1

I don’t know what BGG is, but his avatar is Guybrush Threepwood in Monkey Island 2 pickup up the Governor’s dog.

A prolific member of BGG (BoardGameGeek) has an avatar using the same character then :slight_smile:

If you click on my link, you will get to BGG.