What are Your Favorite Inform 7 Features?

Hi Inform 7 coders,
I’m working on a Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL),
while general purpose, if an IF game was implemented in it,
it would allow for it to be written in for instance English,
edited in Mandarin Chinese, and played in Russian.
Basically good translation and parser support.

Inform 7, is the nearest neighbour,
in terms of being a programming language based on natural language.
So I’m wondering, as an author of Inform 7 games,
what are your favorite features?

  • syntax
  • declarations
  • control flow
  • commands
  • functions
  • libraries
  • objects
  • other

(Which you may like to see in SPEL).

Provide code samples where possible.
If you have ideas for improvements,
feel free to voice those also.

Thanks :slight_smile: ,
hope you have fun :smiley: