What are you using Unified Glulx Input for?

We’re finally getting close to supporting the Glk extensions in Inform 10! But I have a question for the few users of Unified Glulx Input: what features of UGI do you need? We’re wanting to avoid the situation we had before were some extensions required Glulx Entry Points and others required UGI, and they couldn’t be mixed. So instead of bringing UGI wholesale into Inform 10 we might instead just bring across its unique features. So what parts of UGI do you want and need?


I’m not using hyperlinks or mouse input any more, but otherwise I think I’m using the rest. The input contexts, the input rulebooks, changing the prompt, controlling whether inputs are undoable or not undoable, waiting for keys, receiving unicode input.



I haven’t looked at UGI in years. Guess it’s time to re-read my own docs…

The frequently-asked question that would benefit from UGI is: How do you ask the player for a one-line input? The current answer to that is a bodge-up of changing the prompt, “after reading a command”, and then changing the prompt back.

UGI could provide this as a one-line phrase (“to decide what text is the text waited for:”, with an eighth input context) and also make it easy for the user to replicate or customize this.

That would invoke most of the stuff Wade mentioned.

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I looked through the UGI extension more and think I understand it finally. It’s actually less of a Glk extension and more of a parser sequence overhaul. So I think it could be rewritten to be compatible with the Glk foundations.



I’m not sure whether it would be easier to do the Glk foundation work first and the UGI as a followup, or whether it makes sense to do it all at once.