What are you looking forward to?

I thought a little pop of positivity would be nice, so I’m curious what everyone else is looking forward to- it can be whenever, whether in the near immediacy or in the far off future- I’ll personally share one in the immediate short term, one in the near short term, and one further off! Anticipation and gratitude can be so lovely as a reminder that even in the thick of things, there’s still bright spots to look out for.

Today, I’m looking forward to repainting my nails- the last coat of polish was chipping off (I did a pretty pale pink shimmer polish gradient with a deeper, also shimmery pink) since my nails had grown out a bit. I’m going to use the same pale pink, and just keep it nice and simple. Because it’s such a pale polish, it takes a few coats to build up the colour, but the formula is fairly fast drying, so by the time I’ve finished painting one hand, I can go right back to the other one for the next top up.

On Friday, I’m going to be meeting up with a dear friend of mine as a bit of a almost-through-exams-week break. We’re going to have coffee, delicious cheesy buns, and I’m looking forward to giving her a great big hug, as we haven’t really seen much of each other (or anyone really!) lately. (We are both very conscious about pandemic safety- we only unmask in private rooms where it’s just the two of us and no one to come barging in, do daily health screenings, are triple vaccinated, have only been attending crucial settings like labs, mask and sanitize when we’re out purchasing our little snacks, wipe down the meeting rooms we sit in together to have our little picnics, and have kept meticulously small circles so that if someone gets sick or we do, we can easily figure out where/how/alert them. She’s basically the only person I’ve been seeing throughout all this, as we decided early on it would be best to otherwise limit contact to say, immediate family or like, lab instructors and so on.) Last time we met up, we had a cute little paint and sip (coffee, haha) girl’s night to celebrate Easter early.

And in the longer term, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed at home again, after the semester wraps up- and getting to see the little wild life that roams around our yard-that’s-been-left-to-go-natural, (with a delightful array of native wildflowers, clover-y bits, lush grasses, and not nearly as many weeds or drainage or soil run off issues because of allowing things to sort of balance themselves out there), like the adorable little bunnies, groundhogs, mourning doves, squirrels, and baby robins! I’m also looking forward to having my own room proper to play around with makeup (I prefer to write with lipstick on, it makes me feel very fancy and sophisticated, but that’s hard to do with masks on campus, haha) and my beloved French Press, rather than the instant coffee I’ve been subsisting off of in between fancy Starbucks drinks on hangouts with my friend.


Immediate: Looking forward to some time set aside tonight for writing and coding. I underestimated the time necessary (big surprise there) for my Barbara Walters impersonation, and it has bumped me off-track for my TALJ entry. I have some narrative ideas and some solutions to implementation pains that I’m buzzing to try.

Short Term: Looking forward to finishing my TALJ entry so I can take a good second pass over ADRIFT. I’ve received some very helpful feedback (and transcripts!) and I’ve had some ideas of my own as well.

Long Term: I have a couple of projects I’d love to see come to fruition, but they’re merely seeds at the moment.


There is so much going on in the IF realm.

I am looking forward to Narrascope 2022 this summer.


I’m definitely looking forward to TALJ, as well as Parsercomp, whether or not I participate. The end of Spring Thing will be neat for me too as I’ll be releasing a final major version of a game I started developing 10 years ago.

In general? I have to admit I’m looking forward to the world cup. The USA didn’t make it in 2018 in calamitous (hilarious for some I’m sure!) fashion. I’m slightly disappointed new teams like Mali didn’t qualify (Qatar is a new team but they made it automatically!) But I really enjoy seeing the technological progress from one World Cup to the next, how we get to see qualifiers, immediate reports on them, quick highlights, twitter reactions and even youtube videos of people describing games beyond “yay here’s where we scored.” The group, with England, Iran, and Wales/Scotland/Ukraine, will be interesting.

I think it was back in 2014 when I was excited to find clips from 1990 and before. I was at summer camp for the 1990 World Cup, and we had a paper where we marked who won and scored goals and so forth. One counselor said he heard on the radio Czechoslovakia was beating the USA 4-1 late and I thought “oh no they’re a small country, it can’t end this way” and it didn’t. It ended 5-1. Then the Italy game left us quite happy as the US only lost 1-0. A video summary of the USA-Czechoslovakia game showed up here, and I was glad to see it despite the result.

But the game/goal I really wanted to see was when the USA pulled off a surprise win at Trinidad and Tobago to qualify for 1990.

The 1994 cup was special too as the games were televised on the Spanish language station, back with Andres Cantor who originated the “GOOOOOAL” chant. In the group stages there were simultaneous games that overlapped, but you could watch the other on tape delay at night.

It’s not just the World Cup–I love seeing when some footage from years ago turns up, and I always wondered if it would. I feel very lucky each time it does. There are lots of games I thought I’d never play, too, but they’re available, thanks to emulators.


Wow, didn’t expect to get a flashback of '94. Definitely special – my country’s team eliminated Germany in the quarters and ended up 4th. Good times with the rag-tag band of lovable idiots our guys were. (Before many of them took over the Football Federation and dove headfirst into corruption.)

On looking forward to things: I try to keep my horizons narrow to avoid being overwhelmed, though the panic of “WHERE IS YOUR LIFE GOING BOY” hits that much harder when it’s delayed in this fashion. Still, sometimes I force myself to begin stuff that I would have no choice but to look forward to the results thereof. Currently, in no particular order:

Did a producer audition for my country’s The Voice – it’s been 5-6 times now, I always get a personalized invitation after I submit the initial form, then never make the cut for some reason. Backstory not dramatic enough? Musical tastes don’t fit the format? Who cares, gives me a month or so of pleasant anticipation that maybe this will be the year. Eh.

Managed to scrape together a bunch of Twine Sugarcube widgets that sort of imitate ink’s capabilities of writing a continuous story without breaking it up into tiny boxed snippets (which is still an option, ofc). Now I’m sort of looking forward to using it.

We’re discussing Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild story tomorrow in the class I teach. Looking forward to seeing students squirm and then some of them becoming Butler converts (there’s always at least one).

Every day, looking forward to the moment when I’m done with whatever deliverable I’m working on, and not tripping the “impostor” alarm in my colleagues’ heads.

P.S. @sophia, lovely idea for a topic, thank you! Also, I aspire to learn how to look forward to small things like re-painting one’s nails.


Wow! That puts American arguments over whether Gregg Berhalter got the USMNT head coaching job due to merit in perspective!

I still remember Iordan Letchkov’s header years later. When it happened I thought “gee that guy looks old!” and when I went through the BBC’s recap of the '94 world cup he didn’t look nearly as old as I thought he would. Apparently the Bulgarian team all had a cigarette before the game. Times change!

It was also neat to see the dramatic way France missed the '94 world cup (which must have been a thrill for you) on another video. I think every day it’s neat to be able to recover a small bit of the past I forgot about and wondered “what about x…”

Sports games to me may not be as much to look forward to as before. If anyone’s read Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch, the bit at the end about how he was a less intense Arsenal fan after the 1989 season ring true to me. When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, I stopped caring a lot. The thing was, I had other things to look forward to.

Back on the subject of things to look forward to, it’s still always a treat to place something on hold at a library, DVD or book, and have it show up. There are 2 parts of anticipation: first, finally placing a hold means you’ve made the decision, and second, when it arrives, the trip to the library is always pleasant.

ETA: first sentence left out a prepositional phrase.


This might be a little late, but I thought I’d dip my toe in here. Outside of IF stuff, I’m starting a second job soon (Monday) and might be getting a car soon too, so those are both things I’m anticipating although I’m also carrying a fair amount of dread about the job too if I’m honest. We’ll see how that turns out.

I also discovered that there’s a “ghost town” not too far from where I live. OK, it’s an abandoned lot of condos. If I get a car, I think I’ll look forward to checking that out. Or else I’ll look forward to taking a ride out there some time.


Hahaha. Yeah, they all looked 45, stubble, terrible haircuts, chilling in the hotel pool, smoking, essentially self-managing. The coach didn’t even know some of the guys’ names. (Letchkov is currently one of the most blindingly corrupt people in Bulgarian football.) In that vein, something to look forward to (extremely long-term) – again having a team that at least doesn’t regularly enter 5-to-10-match winless streaks like the current one does.

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I’d go for that ghost town posthaste, as soon as I knew it was there. Job front: you got this. If it turns out you don’t (it will probably be their fault), you’ll get another. You’ll be okay.


Thanks for your vote of confidence. Regarding the ghost town, it’ll be easier once I have the car, I think, but I’ll also be adjusting to the new hours from the new job so we’ll see. If/when I get out to it, I could perhaps post some pictures in an off-topic thread, if people here might be interested in that sort of thing. Or I could just PM you some if those might junk up the forum a bit too much.


I plan on learning art starting when I’m 40, looking forward to that.

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I’m looking forward to the end of COVID 19 and all the ‘NEW’ normals we have to live with. At almost 70, I can’t be too gung-ho like all the ‘invincible’ teens and twentys.