What are the choices for interactive VIDEO?

What systems author interactive VIDEO? ie. you watch a video, then it gives you 2 or more story choices (links), you click the one you want, it shows you that choice’s video, and so on? I heard that Twine did this - how? What other systems are there?

Adventuron supports interactive video like this. You’ll need MP4 videos and you’ll need to use “gamebook” mode.

Check out the documentation for gamebook mode.

The video feature is not documented yet, but it’s there. The real blocker is the cost of making such videos.

AXMA 6.1 can play videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or .MP4 video in the background. I’m pretty sure AXMA-JS does as well.

Is that likely to be enabled in normal mode (also sound import)?

If by normal mode you mean “parser mode” (default), then yes, you can have videos and sound in any mode.

Here is some sample code (there are more options than just these):

start_at = lakeside

locations {
   lakeside       : location "You are by the side of a lake." {
      on_describe {
         // Plays incidental sound
         : play_sound "incidental_door_creak";
         // Plays ambient sound
         : play_ambient "ambient_wind_blowing";
   forest         : location "You are in a forest." {
      on_describe {
         // Stops playing ambient sound
         : stop_ambient;

on_startup {
   // Print graphic also plays videos too.
   : print_graphic "intro" ;
   : press_any_key ;

assets {
   videos {
      // Still image is also required at moment (will relax this)
      intro  : mp4 "https://some.url/intro.mp4"  still="still";
      ending : mp4 "https://some.url/ending.mp4" still="still";
   graphics {
      still : placeholder;
   sounds {
      incidental_door_creak : sound_sample "https://some.url/door_creak.mp3" ;
      ambient_wind_blowing : sound_sample "https://some.url/wind_blowing.mp3" ;


Well, that opens up some interesting possibilities. And I thought I was stuck with just the beeps…

This isn’t in the manual I see - but by now I understand that Adventuron is constructed entirely of easter eggs.

I tend not to document before features reach their final form. Meanwhile I go wild with prototype ideas.

I’m fine with the easter egg hunt: it is a game in itself!

If your entire story consists of such videos and choices (without other types of input), you can do that directly in YouTube without any additional systems. Although that might be a pain for the IF Archive.

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Stornaway looks promising. I played around with it a bit (but I don’t have a project to make with it at the moment). It has a visual editor similar to Twine and gives you a video that you can embed on a website.

Looks like a great pro system but the fee is a bit off-putting for those who prefer their IF tools comfortingly priced in the £0 range. Think I’ll have a dabble with the free trial though.

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How do you do the authoring in YT? I’d really like to do all the authoring in a GUI, needless to say…

Yeah, is there something that’s Free??

Also, how does one do the authoring in Twine, because I read in the paper that somebody’d done it…! (s’mainly the reason I went and bought a Very Expensive book on it!)