What 2015 entries have had post-comp releases?

Hi folks,

I would like to make a six-months-on IFComp blog post about which 2015 entries have enjoyed post-comp releases.

I have offhand knowledge that Birdland, Scarlet Sails, and (unless I’m mistaken) Brain Guzzlers have all announced new public versions since November 15. Are there other games that I ought to include on this list?

i should be coming out with one by the end of the month!

I think the Synesthesia Factory post-comp is in the works. There’s been a post-comp release since, but it’s not the post-comp release.

Baker of Shireton was updated, although just minor fixes.

Problems Compound is being hella-updated. I’ll just go nudge ASchultz.


I’d like to finish something by the end of the month, potentially. The game is in a stable beta, but I need a tester or two to make sure the changes I said are in are fixed. I have a few tester transcripts to parse and a few people willing to test the new features and regression. (Though one more would be even awesomer!)

So I think I’m close, and this is great motivation to knock things out! If you have a precise date for when you plan to make the blog post, that’d be a help for me, too, to say–ok, here’s release #2.

For those curious, the change log is here: raw.githubusercontent.com/andre … _notes.txt

Also thanks to Juhana Leinonen for pointing out that the post-comp release will hopefully not turn out to be…

…comp-post. (Everyone groan at HIM, not me!)

I’ve just submitted Sub Rosa’s post-comp release to the IfArchive. It’s mostly typo fixing, but there’s some new book entries and a few bugs squashed. I’ll put up a proper announcement when it’s accepted in the archive.

Thanks, folks! I plan to work these replies into a blog post this week.

I’m in the cool kids club now. Yay!

Great! Mind you, I didn’t actually notice what you meant until it appeared in PlanetIF. May I suggest a NEWS item for your game on IFDB so everyone gets to know about your new release? [emote];)[/emote]

Good idea. There’s a part of me worried I an maybe spamming, but…that’s what the news items are there for.

I’m actually disappointed there are only 306 so far at IFDB, if the URL is any hint.

I’d encourage others to take advantage of this. Especially since IFDB has been back on an upswing as of late.

It turns out To Burn In Memory is on Steam now, and it’s v1.2. store.steampowered.com/app/434120/

Hey, that’s nice!

Does anyone know whether it’s possible to download the game (it’s free, isn’t it?) without having Steam?

Sub Rosa’s second release is now publicly available.

Sorry for the late reply; I haven’t been in the forums in quite a while. ^^;

I publically released my IF Comp 2015 game, The Speaker, on itch.io a while back.