Wesbite traffic stats (which IF sites get most views)

Here are some stats on different IF sites:



Global rank 94K, 40% of traffic from US, 11% from UK. Common keywords: zork, text adventure. Linked to from google, furaffinity, deviantart, and youtube.



Global rank 617K, 62.8% from UK, 17.1% from US, 7% from India. Common keywords: interactive fiction forum, coc2 save editor, windows glulxe. Linked to from google.



Global rank 246K, 42% US, 24% UK. Common keywords: tads, interactive fiction, ifdb, best twine games



Global rank 88K. 44% US, 10% Irish, 8%UK, 5% France.

Common keywords: choice of games, choice games, invisible character, seraphinite game. Linked from google, youtube, google.ru. google.com.ph, dashingdon.com



Global rank 2,465K (with a peak at 500K or so during comp and right after). 92% US. Keywords interactive fiction, if comp. No upstream sites.

ifarchive.org (inaccurate due to mirrors?)


Global rank 808K. Keywords interactive fiction, if archive. Linked from tads.org and google.com

Some takeaways: textadventures.co.uk and choiceofgames.com are the biggest here.

textadventures.co.uk has less British visitors than intfiction.org, which is super-British. It’s found by people playing Zork (which has like a million or so plays on the site) and by people linking from furry websites.

I thought this was interesting. Any other websites to check?


Global rank 166K. 61% US, 8% British. Keywords: character creator, seedship (!), realistic character creator online free. Linked from google, patreon, youtube, imgbb, reddit.


Global rank 2.8K, 40% US, 6% UK. Common keywords pc buildin simulator, browser games, raft. Linked from google, youtube, reddit.


Global rank 373K. 56% UK, 34% US. Keywords emily short, the century beast, twine vs. inklewriter. Linked from google. Linked from google


Global rank 10,000K. Keywords include castle of thread, modern tales:age of invention torrent, best interactive fiction 2017.

On the topic of putting your games where the people are reading the stuff… (seriously, I didn’t see you uploading your games in masse to textadventures after this post).

Joking aside… one friend of mine had a terrific idea. He has uploaded a profile of some Interactive Fiction at Good Reads, a twine Spanish adventure.

I think the idea is mindblowing, and it seems good reads allows you to upload “whatever thing” there. Because you can upload comics, static fiction, audiobooks, etc. So, why not Interactive Fiction?

The thing is, I’ve shared this previously with the euphoria friends and XianXian point me that Choice of Games is ALREADY THERE!

goodreads.com/list/show/904 … e_of_Games

So now I wonder if that is worth to them.

I personally don’t use Good Reads, so I don’t know if the metrics of the most popular CoG game ever are great or are just so so in the good reads ecosystem:

Choice of Robots by Kevin Gold
4.53 avg rating — 118 ratings

So, what do you think?

Choice of Robots has 1556 reviews on Steam, average of “overwhelmingly positive”. So that’s a hint.

you are right, but that’s different ecosystems. A better comparison would be with common books or better: independently published books.

And anyway, what tells that about IF? That it is still games and only games. There it goes the dream of having IF next to best seller books on the library shelves.

I mean, I’m not saying: let’s go and upload our IF at good reads in masse, we are going to have good metrics! But, it wouldn’t be beautiful to have our stories read there?

PD: of course I’m half-joking. But I’m always on the look for new ways to publish IF and reach other audiences.