Welcome to 'Antarctica'! An indie interactive fiction game for story explorers

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I’m Dareint, a Spanish writer specializing in text adventures for retro computers, especially the beloved ZX Spectrum. Some members of the Spanish section of this forum may already know me. I consider myself more of a writer than a programmer, at least in terms of my preferences and training. I have been using tools like Inpaws, an adventure compiler for the original Paws, and more recently, Jari Komppa’s Mucho engine. I’m thrilled to be joining this community and look forward to engaging with all of you in discussions about interactive fiction. If you’re interested in checking out my work, you can visit my page: Dareint at Itch io. I’m excited to spend time here and share experiences with all of you!

Allow me to introduce my latest interactive story, “Antarctica.” Within the pages of this adventure, I invite you to join Elena on a daring mission that will take her to the farthest corners of our planet, pushing the boundaries of her existence. Prepare to embark on a journey into uncharted territories, where relentless challenges and dangers await in the icy continent.


Welcome to Intfiction.

Your collection on itch looks nice.


Welcome! Great to have a ZX Spectrum developer here (the computer I grew up with, here in the UK). The Spanish Spectrum community seems quite active. Antarctica looks great and very nostalgic.


Definitely an interesting looking game!


The second chapter of my story “Antarctica” is now available. This time, the story takes place aboard the Ocean Star and serves as a direct continuation of my text adventure “Erinia” for Spectrum (2020). I hope you enjoy it! You can download it for free here: