Weird issue with 80 days on Amazon app store for Samsung gal

I got an amazon gift card for Christmas, so I finally feel justified buying some commercial games for my Galaxy. I already got choice of robits, and I think Hadean Lands and Leadlight Gamma are it’s only, so I tried 80 days. But I can’t purchase it via the amazon app store on the galaxy! Oddly enough, I can buy Sorcerer! and it’s sequel.

Does anyone know a way to purchase 80 days on a Samsung phone using Amazon?

Hadean Lands can be made to run on Android with this interpreter: … dean-lands

(That’s not the game, just the interpreter, despite the URL)

Sounds cool! Its nice to see any kind of parser interpreter on Android. Any way to purchase Hadean lands via Amazon?

No, I only have it up on Itch and Humble Store. You have you stuff it onto your Android device yourself.

This is really cool, though. Thanks for the info; this is one game I’ve been trying to get my hands on for a while.

BTW, don’t let me discourage you from buying 80 Days. Everybody should play it.

There’s probably a way; I just don’t know anything about Android app installation. (Except for the obvious point that the Amazon and Google app stores are separate, in a Romeo-and-Montague sort of way.)

EDIT: Capulet-and-Montague, I meant. What the hell did I even say up there.

By the way, I finally ended up asking for an iTunes gift card and got Hadean Lands and 80 days on the iPad. Both are great; thanks for putting great work out there!