Weird "Hello" Bug [SOLVED]

So, typing “Bob, Hello” works fine, but switching it around to “Hello, Bob” makes the game completely crash with a resolve error. Is there a way to make it not do that? “Talk to (non-existent thing)” is fine, as is “Hello Bob” without the comma. Even “Talk to Hello” is alright. But, typing the natural sounding “Hello, Bob” completely shuts the thing down for some reason. Is this normal?

The crash is known bug, you can find a workaround on It will prevent the nil object reference, but if you really need it to work the way you want you will probably need to solve it yourself as parser only understands actor - comma - command word order.

Thanks, Tomasb. I don’t necessarily need it to work like the other phrasing, I just needed it to stop crashing. :slight_smile: