Weird error for Understand rules?

I’m getting an error to compile from this line of code:

Understand “flick lighter” as burning the lighter.

The error states something along these lines:

… the error was detected at line 886 of “inform7/if-module/Chapter 5/Understand Sentences.w”. This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.

Any idea what is wrong? I’ve received this kind of error a few times from the new version of Inform. Am I misusing the Understand syntax?

Thanks so much for explaining.

Ooh, that’s a bug I haven’t seen before! That’s not an error message that should ever happen.

The solution to your problem is to say Understand “flick [the lighter]” as burning—Understand lines apply to entire actions, not to actions on specific objects. But it’s a bug in Inform that you were able to get an abject failure for that.


I’ve submitted bug I7-2310 for this.


Thanks - much appreciated.