Website for Vorple?

How much would it cost a year to host a website like playfic or or but for Vorple? It would be nice to have a place to upload and test Vorple games, and to let people play them and test them. I know that setting up the actual site would take a lot of work, but costwise, how much a year would it be?

For a web service like that – some scripting on the back end but not CPU-heavy – figure $5 to $10 per month.

I concur with zarf’s estimate. $5-10 can get you shared hosting or a small VPS, either of which should be sufficient for a site with small to medium traffic (say, a few thousand visitors per month). A VPS might get you a little more power, but shared hosting would be significantly easier to maintain.

Anecdotally, gets about 2500 visitors in a busy month, and it shares hosting on a small VPS with about six other sites. I do web stuff professionally, so I’m effectively acting as a customer on my own shared hosting provider. It’s about equivalent to the service you’d get from a provider like InMotion for a little under $10 per month. I estimate that traffic would have to increase by an order of magnitude before I started seeing speed and performance problems.