Web versions not updating. Am I doing things the hard way?

I feel like this is perhaps a server issue but to be sure when I update my files and over write them the changes do not appear on the web version. I have to make a whole new renamed file and upload that to see any changes.

Also, related, is there any easy way to fix a spelling mistake that doesn’t require a complete new upload? I imagine not as you’re basically uploading a game but it is being compiled as a webpage so maybe…

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Yeah, I think this is a cacheing/server issue. Sometimes, force-reloading the page will work, but other times it won’t and it requires some trick (like renaming) to force the browser to realise that things have changed. I last had this problem a lot when I was building and rebuilding many playable game sites for the promo comp for my Kickstarter.

At such times, a trick that can help is having multiple web browsers on hand. If your home browser won’t see your changes yet, move to your next browser and try it there. Obviously you can run out of browsers for one page! But having even three or four browsers might carry you through a round of niggly revisions.

I assume you mean a spelling mistake in the game? Well, you have to recompile the game to bake the fix. Then the game has to be re-converted to those javascript files used by the online version. By the time you’re targeting only updating the file with the spelling mistake, if such a thing were possible, you might as well run the whole conversion process again, as it’s not lengthy.

I wondered if you could possibly speed things up by not using Inform’s ‘release along with a web interpreter’ option – but if the game itself had to be rebuilt, you’re just changing where you perform certain actions.

In other words, Inform itself doesn’t need to build you the game and all the website stuff. You could get Inform to build you just the game (the z8 /blorb /gblorb/whatever), then use a Python script like Zarf’s ifsitegen.py to get the files made that you will then copy to your webspace. Depending on your workflow, maybe you’d find this more or less convenient. But if you’re not already using it, it’s worth knowing about.

EDIT: Link to ifsitegen.py on github: GitHub - erkyrath/glk-dev: Miscellaneous Glk and Glulx files and documents


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Your browser has a “clear cache” option buried somewhere. Where depends on the browser.

Force-reload usually works for me, though.

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