Web page layout issues

I am not doing anything other than:
Release along with a website and an interpreter.

The site(s) and interpreter work just fine, but with odd results across different browsers.
In Edge, Safari, and Chrome, the game window ends up putting the contents “below the fold” and unless you scroll down or hit a few carriage returns, you don’t see what was printed out.
This layout issue doesn’t happen in Firefox.

It looks like the frame is just not keeping the text scroll pegged to the bottom.

Are there settings that need to be tweaked in the CSS pages to force things to behave?

I’ve not noticed problems with Safari or Chrome before. I can’t speak for Edge.

When you say it puts contents ‘below the fold’, does it do this only when the game starts (i.e. on the first turn)? Or is new stuff appearing offscreen after every entered command?

I can make this kind of thing happen by zooming the text a ton, but I’m guessing you’re not doing that. It may be worth checking if you’re using any particular appearance customisations in those browsers, though. i.e. Have you significantly changed your preferences for how things look from the defaults?

There are game-end features whose use can throw off an interpreter’s paging behaviours. For instance, I’ve made it happen by using the Glulx timer (e.g. timed pauses) or asking for additional keypresses in some circumstances.


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It’s nice of you to think that i’m that advanced with this system. :slight_smile: I ran the html files on two other machines and they layout just fine. It has to be something with my computer browsers’ prefs. Such joy to try and figure that out…
For completeness. Yes - set at 100%. The new text just would appear below off screen, with the scroll bar stuck where it is. scrolling down reveals the command/results.

There were problems with scrolling with the old Parchment template. So do try with the current one: GitHub - curiousdannii/parchment: The Interactive Fiction player for the web

Thanks -
This led me down the rabbit hole of using the ifsitegen.py script mentioned in the notes along with feeding it the parchment-for-inform7.zip as the interpreter file, instead of the one baked into the Inform7 application. This did the trick.

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