web browser interpreters

Hi all,

I’m extremely new to IF but a recent MUD player and also a web development student. I know a bit about writing webpages as well as server/clientside languages and was wondering what, if any, exist in the area of web interpreters (ie you don’t have to download or install anything to play the IF). I’ve seen a couple but it says Missing Plugin, I’m suspecting this is the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). I was especially wondering if there exists any native browser interpreter that doesn’t require a third-party plugin - but all ideas and suggestions will be helpful.

Can anyone release their wisdom on me, or point me in the right direction for where to consult?

Thanks much.


hi Xie, I wrote a summary of the web client environment a while back, here,

kooneiform.wordpress.com/2010/02 … n-the-web/

the first half of which covers IF. New since then is Zedt, chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … plopohgpen, though that’s a front-end for Parchment.

Quixe has also been released since that post. Work is in progress for TADS web support as well, from a few directions (via a Java client, or via an AJAX system.) David C has some interesting stuff on his blog as well.

thank you both. this has been helpful - especially that blog post.