Wearing a blanket command

This might be a strange question, and may not even be the right forum for it, but how would you naturally put a blanket over yourself?

Right now, I have the rule Understand “put on [something]” as wearing. But I don’t think a player would naturally use the command “put on blanket” when wanting to use it. Wrap self in blanket? Get under blanket? Use blanket? I can’t seem to think of what a natural sounding command would be…

“Cover myself with the blanket”, “put the blanket on/over me”?

Here’s a start. I stopped at the point of making a new verb for “wrapping in” and “wrapping something in”.

[rant=code][code]“Arctic Chill”

A Warm Mountain Cabin is a room. “It’s warm in here, so you shouldn’t need any protective clothing. The frigid outside is north.”

A warm wooly blanket is a wearable enterable container in Cabin. Understand “under -/warm/wooly blanket” as warm wooly blanket.

my body is a supporter. It is part of the player. The printed name is “your body”.

definition: warm wooly blanket is enjoyable if warm wooly blanket is worn or warm wooly blanket is on my body.

The Frigid Outside is north of Warm Mountain Cabin. “[if warm wooly blanket is not enjoyable]Brrr…you don’t know how much of this cold you can take![otherwise]You are warm and toasty in your blanket.[end if]”

Instead of putting blanket on yourself:
try wearing the noun.

Instead of closing warm wooly blanket:
try wearing the noun.

Before taking off warm wooly blanket:
if warm wooly blanket is on my body:
try taking warm wooly blanket instead.

Instead of closing the player:
if the player can touch warm wooly blanket:
try wearing blanket;
say “There’s nothing nearby you could cover yourself with.”

Instead of taking yourself:
if the player can touch warm wooly blanket:
try wearing the blanket;
say “You pull yourself together [if the player encloses warm wooly blanket]under the blanket[otherwise]trying to get warm. You wish you had something to wrap around yourself[end if].”

Instead of entering warm wooly blanket:
try wearing the noun.[/code][/rant]

I would just say “wear blanket”.

+1 :laughing:

My strategy was to set up the situation and try every combination of phrase I thought a player might use with ACTIONS turned on, and see whether Inform recognized my command as a synonym of another one. That’s how I found stuff like “instead of entering the blanket” when the player types GET IN BLANKET.

HanonO, I’d thought about trying that method, but that was where I started running into trouble – thinking of different commands a player might use to wrap themselves in the blanket. It also seems like it might end up becoming a rather lengthy process that could still result in not being completely thorough…

When all else fails, social engineer.

Make the blanket wearable, and prompt in the description: “This is a warm fuzzy blanket. It would be really comfy to WEAR on a cold winter’s night.”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Thanks, HanonO. That’s brilliant.