wearables not being worn

Ok I’m a bit puzzled tbh

I’ve had my classes of clothes set up for ages and all working fine (such as not being able to wear two pairs of pants etc) and I haven’t played with the classes or even any of the clothes themselves for that matter. I’ve just noticed that when I type wear (anything) I get “First taking the (whichever)” and that’s it, when I try wearing it again I get “Nothing obvious happens”

I can take clothes off fine but not wear them, I’ve no idea how long this has been happening since as far as I knew it was working fine, I’m just wondering if there’s any reason why it might just stop working other than the classes being messed up somehow?

Have you written any of your own code for dobjFor(Wear)? If so, please post it so we can look at it. That’s most likely where the problem lies.

Actually I just solved it, I just had a misplaced ‘}’ on a couple of the classes (dresses, pants and skirts) which was stopping inherited from being called, stupid mistake that I should have noticed a long time ago haha

Serves me right for writing methods to add in extra bits and only testing for the extra bits and not checking that it was still working fine in the first place