We Wretched Creatures - 90K words

So I’ve been working on this new game for a while on itch.io. I haven’t really promoted it as much but I decided to bite the bullet and so.

It’s called We Wretched Creatures. Set in an odd and forgotten (if ever remembered) town somewhere in North America. The year is 1994 and you have just been let out of a psychiatric hospital in which you’ve been involuntarily committed for two years. Belonging to an old cruel family, you return on the onset of a series of murders of no clear origin. As you’re pulled into this mystery, you encounter and interact with various characters who are never who they seem as everyone in this town has only ever looked out for themselves.

Apart from dealing with your own character who has certain… issues, you must almost contend with you peers. Imre Duran, the golden boy, Nia Mir, your so-called ex best friend, Lorcan Stark, your biggest enemy. Then there’s your family who come with their own baggage, your absent father, your loving older brother Salvatore, your other brother Percival who’s likely to tell a joke than the truth, your addict mother and your sister.

So far the prologue and the first two chapters are published. You can play it here: We Wretched Creatures by DarkfictionJude