Ways to reboot a game

Hi again.

What are the differences between these methods of restarting and stopping a game?

  1. ‘stop game abruptly’ versus ‘follow the immediately quit rule’ ?
  2. ‘try (silently) restarting the game’ versus ‘follow the immediately restart the VM rule’ ?

I found no differences to the eye in the case of number 1, but for number 2, ‘try restarting the game’ hasn’t been dependable for me at different times in the game. For instance, it works from an end game menu, but not from my custom restart code during the game, whereas ‘follow the immediately restart the VM rule’ does work.

I just wanted to know if there’s any particular danger to using any one of these over another. The docs don’t seem to say.


The immediately restart the VM rule simply restarts.
The restarting action first checks that the “actor” variable is set to (the same value as) “player” before it restarts.
The actor variable only exists for certain rulebooks, though, (such as before, instead, check, carry out, after and report), and your custom restart code probably doesn’t belong to any of them.
When the game asks the final question (Would you like to RESTART, RESTORE … etc.), the command “restart” actually doesn’t trigger the restarting action but the immediately restart the VM rule.

Cool. Thanks Felix.