Wayfarer by Idrelle Games

This is a really cool game, with ridiculously high production values. It’s a very long fantasy adventure in twine. There’s only one chapter released out of an expected 13, and the released content is already over 500k words long.

Also, there’s a whole IF community on tumblr, where this game originated, that’s emerged in the past few years. They’re a mix of visual novel people and Choicescript-adjacent people, and most of the popular games there are basically episodic character-focused romances. There are a lot of works-in-progress and fewer completed games.


Thanks for sharing this! Plays just like a video game. Tried out one path (an elf trying to find a chalice), but there were a lot of “continues” for my taste. Definitely looks professional, so congratulations on whoever at Idrelle Games put that together :champagne:

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I think for something with that many continues, I’d prefer it to be straight fiction. Then again, some VNs do have that much text dump per branch. Perhaps it’s about expectations?

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