Was "Consider the rule" removed in L602?

I can’t find the “consider” phrase in the phrasebook, and this is breaking some extensions. What’s the best way to proceed with this, or am I missing something?

I believe “consider” has been withdrawn. You need to use “follow” instead. If extensions haven’t been updated, try editing them by replacing “consider” with “follow” throughout.

In previous builds, the difference between “consider” and “follow” was that “follow” consulted the procedural rules and “consider” didn’t; but since there aren’t any procedural rules anymore, “consider” is redundant. (This is explained in section 18.16 in the 6G60 docs.)

Thanks! I would rather not edit every extension that has this problem though, as that can be tedious.

I did this instead, but I have a few questions about it.

To consider (x - a nothing based rule):
	follow x;

Is there not any danger to follow vs. consider in terms of the outcome of the rule? I thought the documentation from the old build didn’t just say that “consider” meant to follow the procedural rules, but that with “consider” the result was thrown away, in that it didn’t matter if the rule fails or succeeds. Is this behavior just typical of how procedural rules worked? Is there any danger in using “follow” for a rule in that it will try to have a result, but where these old rules weren’t written to deal with some results?

I had to make x a “nothing based rule” instead of a “rule”. Is there a way to write this phrase so it catches all rules instead of having to have separate phrases for “nothing based rule” “thing based rule” etc.?

If it were a thing-based rule you’d need to supply a thing. It’s probably easier just to do a find-and-replace-all with “follow” and “consider” in the relevant folder.

Could you try using kind variables? I have no idea if that will work.

It’s “abide by” that keeps the result of the rule, and that’s still in there (see 19.4 of the 6L02 Writing with Inform) so replacing “consider” with “follow” should still be harmless.

Thank you!