Was 80 Days really Time Magazine's #1 Game of the Year? (edit:yes!)

I’m updating my essays on XYZZY winners and adding citations and I’ve had really big trouble finding this.

Searching Time Magazine and 80 Days or Time Magazine Game of the Year, I only get an article putting it at 15th place.

But the wikipedia article that lists Game of the Year Awards say s it was number one: List of Game of the Year awards - Wikipedia

but it has no references.

Looking at the actual 80 Days Wikipedia article, it links to an archived Time Magazine article that no longer exists. That article lists 80 Days as their 10th best game.

So is it just not true that it was listed as the game of the year? Should I change it in my articles to ‘a’ Game of the Year?

I found one version that has it listed as Number 1:

It looks like there were multiple lists that year, and it was on the top of this one. Nevermind! I’ll cite tis one in my article


If you look at the Time article in the Wayback Machine as of Dec 26, 2014 it lists Far Cry 4 as #15 and 80 Days as #1:

If you look at the same article today the list is reversed:

It looks like the list was flipped in 2018 as part of a site redesign.


Thanks! This is one reason I’m adding citations to my book, I want to make sure people can find information on facts I cite and so I really want to get things right. I appreciate your help!

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Yeah, from the beginning through September 29, 2017 the internet archive’s snapshots show it with 80 Days as #1 and Far Cry 4 as #15

Then there’s a gap and the next snapshot is February 28, 2018 where it’s flipped.

I haven’t yet looked to see if other lists have flipped…


Other lists don’t seem to have flipped. Odd. I wonder if that page had a custom template that got messed up by a site redesign?