Warnings about game saves in ifcomps (for all)

Like @johnnywz00’s thread, here is a thread for anybody with concerns for updates with their games. I know it’s a bad idea to constantly update your game, but I have done it like, three times now, so I’m warning you guys that I’m about to update again.

The update is regarding the cupboard puzzle. I understand this puzzle in specific is causing a lot of confusion (looking at transcripts), so I’m going to update that area (hopefully) one last time. The new update will be going up soon, so if anyone had a long save somewhere far into the game and wants to update (I strongly recommend it, since my game is VERY LONG), just PM me and I will hand you a save file which moves you through the game to where you were before.

I know others will want to post stuff like this, so feel free to comment below about your game.


I put out one update to fix two obscure but really annoying bugs (a lever that’s part of a control panel technically being portable, even if you can’t take it, so it prints a message suggesting you can put it in your pocket; checking whether the player enclosed evidence rather than carried it, producing misleading messages about the contents of a sealed container you’ve never looked inside) and unless any bugs of that level come up I won’t do another until after the comp. Hopefully it was early enough (and the game short enough) to avoid breaking any saves.


Started work on a bugfix update to Honk! which I’m hoping to publish on Sunday. This will break saves if you’re playing via the IFComp website, so if you’re in the middle of playing online, please try to finish soon. But the bugs aren’t critical or game-breaking (as far as I know) so there’s no real need to wait for the new version if you want to play now.


I’m also queuing up an update for Assembly this weekend. Same story as above: Sunday evening, quality-of-life fixes but not gamebreaking bugs… just take care to wrap up or leave the tab open!


New version of Honk! should be live. Please let me know if something’s stopped working. I will try to avoid any more mid-comp updates unless something turns out to be really broken.


Sorry, sorry. I know what I just said 20 hours ago, and I knew this would happen as soon as I posted that. But there will be another update to Honk! tomorrow or Wednesday to fix a truly embarassing bug which has just been brought to my attention and which potentially botches the climax of the game. Please don’t play online until I publish the update (or if you have just started, please finish very quickly).

edit 25th Oct: bugfix now live. If this has broken something else I might just go down into the valley and lie in the river and let it wash me away


Milliways is updated again, this time removing nasty tray disappearing bugs!

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… and again, but this time just better in general, adding stuff in Milliways that testers said was missing. So, if you haven’t played, then I recommend doing so!