Wanted: Someone with CSS expertise for a Sci-Fi Twine game

Hi all,

I’m looking for someone to collaborate on a science fiction / slice-of-life project.

The story I’m building is made in Twine, and I’m looking for someone with CSS expertise who can help me make a Twine project look like a Wiki!

It’s also a collaborative writing project, so if you wanted to write for it too, you’d be very welcome!

An interest in vintage TV Sci-Fi is a definite bonus!

Here’s hoping this goes better than my efforts to find a rocket scientist (which was for another project!)

P.M. me if interested!


Sorry, but I can’t PM you since my account is too new.

I do have the start of some CSS to make a Twine/Harlowe 2 project look like a wiki. It’s not 100%, since a game typically doesn’t have a search box or table of contents, but a wiki does. With some effort, I think it could work.

If you’re interesed, I’ll gladly share it with you.

  • Kert (NC, USA)

KertDawg, you’re approved and should be able to PM now.