Want to split/branch a topic? You can do so!

If you start a reply and feel like your message could be its own topic, you can “reply as linked topic” - on mobile click the square with the reply arrow and choose to reply in a separate topic.

The two topics will have links connecting them. Create your message, give the new topic a title, and quote from the initiating message as necessary.

You can also initiate this in desktop view by clicking the chain-links icon to link to a message and Reply as a linked Topic - click [+ New Topic] - you’re essentially sharing a link to the original post in a new one.

This is a good way to branch discussion instead of derailing a topic. Ideally the people responding will move to your new topic, but if necessary Mods can also transfer replies from one topic to another.

Screen Shot 2024-03-17 at 6.13.52 PM