Is there a way to edit a walkthrough, other than re-releasing…??


Problem solved–I just found the walkthrough on my system and was able to edit it directly, duh.

Glad to see this happening to someone else for a change :wink: It also often happens to me that I find the solution myself right after I posted about it.

At the risk of being too curious but… may I ask what the walkthrough would be all about? (just curious).

When you release a game to be playtested, you have the option of including a walkthrough solution along with the release–but this works only if you have a definite, completed ‘skein’–a step-by-step chain listing all of the player commands leading from the beginning of the game through to the final, ‘winning’ move–which should be marked on the skein with a **. If you have a complete, well-tailored skein (showing at least one possible clear trail from beginning to end), when you release the game for testing, the program will create a list, in ALL-CAPS, of these commands, and put it in a file, which you can send to a playtester. It is a plain text file, that apparently you can find on your computer and edit if you want. If you don’t have a complete skein (where there is no ** marking a final move), then the compiler will throw a problem message pointing this out.