Walkthrough/Hints for "Who Stole My Sausages?"

General hints

  • You can’t talk to Quentin until you’ve talked to Sati and Arturo.
  • You can’t talk to Fran until you’ve talked to Quentin.
  • If you challenge all of the right statements, someone will tell you that they saw the thief taking the sausages out of the fridge, and the game will jump right to texting Eira, “I finished the investigation.” Don’t try to text Eira until the game automatically starts texting Eira.

Walkthrough of challenging statements

  1. Talk to Sati and then challenge Arturo.

  2. When talking to Arturo, challenge “just Lobes.”

  3. Challenge it with Sati’s statement, “Sati was at Bearly’s.”

  4. Challenge Arturo’s statement about a “pre-bed meat snack.”

  5. Challenge it with Sati’s statement, “Sati’s a vegetarian.”

  6. You’ll challenge Quentin next.

  7. Challenge Quentin’s statement, “I didn’t eat.”

  8. Challenge it with Eira’s statement, “Quentin’s frying pan.”

  9. You’ll challenge Fran next.

  10. Challenge Fran’s statement, “I only ate cod and squares”

  11. Challenge it with Quentin’s statement, “Fran ate sausages.”

  12. Challenge Sati next.

  13. Challenge “Sati doesn’t eat meat.”

  14. Challenge it with Arturo’s statement, “Sati eats meat.”

  15. Challenge “complete lightweight.”

  16. Challenge it with Quentin’s statement, “Arturo was drinking alcohol-free beer.”

  17. Challenge “Quentin wasn’t even there.”

  18. Challenge it with Quentin’s statement, “acoustic guitar.”

  19. Challenge Fran next.

  20. Challenge “Fran didn’t cook sausages.” (Due to a bug, you might need to stop talking to Fran and return again to get the option to challenge Fran’s statement.)

  21. Challenge it with Sati’s “smoke in the kitchen.” Fran will tell you who took the sausages out of the fridge.

Texting Eira

  1. Before revealing the next clue, make sure you’ve heard Fran tell you who took the sausages out of the refrigerator. The game should then automatically ask you to figure out what answers to give to Eira, without having to click the “Text Eira” button.

  2. You took the sausages out of the refrigerator while sleepwalking and raw-ate some of them. Fran fried the rest of the sausages, giving some to Quentin, and leaving one for Sati. The “solution” is just asking who first ate the sausages and how.

  3. Answer “I stole your sausages.”

  4. They were “eaten raw.” (They were later fried, but not when you first stole them.)

  5. Because of “unconscious action.” (You might well have been “hungry” but, as a sleepwalker, you weren’t conscious of what you did.)

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