Walkthrough/Hints for "The Little Match Girl at the Battle of the Gray Peaks"

General Hints

  • There’s no puzzle at the encampment. You can walk around talking to people and examining things, but there’s nothing you need to do there.
  • You’ll win/lose the game by assigning units at the Hillock. From the start of the game, go west to the General’s Tent, then west to the Hillock, and TALK TO SESH. Then you can ASSIGN units to various positions.


How do I win the war?

  1. You’ll need a complete table of which units win/lose against which defenders.

  2. You can walk around talking to people and reading the pamphlet to gather that information, but there’s a simpler way.

  3. In the General’s Tent there’s a combat simulator. There, you can attack tyrannosaur with quetzalcoatlus to see what happens when unit X attacks unit Y. Or, see the matchup table below.

  4. It’s not possible to win at all seven positions at once.

  5. Here’s a solution that will win the war.

    • assign geneshamans to left flank
    • assign wellness gurus to right flank
    • assign alamosaurs to south peak (stalemate)
    • assign tyrannosaurs to riverbed
    • assign general to field (stalemate)
    • assign ballistae to forest
    • assign torosaurs to north peak

Matchup table

Attacker ↓ Defender → General Tyrannosaur Torosaur Alamosaur Quetzalcoatlus Geneshaman Wellness Guru Ballista
General Stalemate General General General General General General General
Tyrannosaur General Attacker Tyrannosaur Stalemate Stalemate Geneshaman Wellness Guru Tyrannosaur
Torosaur General Torosaur Defender Torosaur Quetzalcoatlus Torosaur Wellness Guru Torosaur
Alamosaur General Alamosaur Alamosaur Stalemate Quetzalcoatlus Geneshaman Stalemate Alamosaur
Quetzalcoatlus General Quetzalcoatlus Stalemate Quetzalcoatlus Attacker Quetzalcoatlus Wellness Guru Ballista
Geneshaman General Geneshaman Geneshaman Geneshaman Quetzalcoatlus Stalemate Stalemate Ballista
Wellness Guru General Wellness Guru Torosaur Stalemate Quetzalcoatlus Geneshaman Defender Stalemate
Ballista General Tyrannosaur Torosaur Ballista Ballista Stalemate Ballista Defender

Making cleverer decisions

  1. Winning the war doesn’t win the game. You’ll have to do something else.

  2. Remember, there’s no puzzle at the encampment. You’ll win/lose the game by assigning units.

  3. When you win the war, the game prints this message. Read it carefully.

    And Scrooge the Mammalgirl, at last, could say goodbye to the Prince, could return to her home in the distant future. She had survived the war with no more than a few scratches—but she was hurt all the same, by the memories of the Reptons and dinosaurs who had suffered and perished under her orders. She would turn the problem over in her head night after night—she would realize, after a few years, exactly how she could have done better—and the knowledge would haunt her for the rest of her life.

  4. The important part is, “She was hurt all the same, by the memories of the Reptons and dinosaurs who had suffered and perished under her orders.”

  5. Review the detailed results of the battle.

  6. Who perished?

  7. None of your units perished at all.

  8. Only the enemy units perished.

  9. Assign the units in a way that will prevent any units from perishing.

  10. Assign the units to set up seven stalemates, like this:

    • assign alamosaurs to left flank
    • assign torosaurs to right flank
    • assign geneshamans to south peak
    • assign wellness gurus to riverbed
    • assign general to field
    • assign tyrannosaurs to forest
    • assign ballistae to north peak

Bonus puzzle

After winning the game, if you just keep guessing the word, the game will give you gradual hints, and then eventually just tell you the answer.

The answer is tedious.


What utility did you use to create your map?

I use https://trizbort.io which IMO the best Trizbort map maker that works on macOS. It’s a progressive web app with decent keyboard shortcuts.

(There’s also a .NET Trizbort for Windows. You can kinda run that on macOS or Linux with Wine or whatever, but it’s not great.)

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