Wake up.

So I got that gun working, Thanks HanonO!

Now i’m struggling with waking people up. Apparently “wake” is already in the default code.

Here’s what I came up with: [code]Understand the command “wake” as something new.

Waking is an action applying to one visible thing. Understand “wake [something]” as waking.

Understand the commands “rouse” and “poke” as “wake”.[/code]

Inform7 tells me:

I can give people the “asleep” and “awake” status, and the “alive” and “dead” status.
Of course, he shouldn’t be able to wake up dead people.

… which reminds me I have to figure out a way that I can’t shoot dead people … don’t wanna revive someone by stunning them and turning them “asleep” from “dead”.
… could you imagine the hangover they’d have?

Also dammit I feel like that text is telling me exactly how to fix it but I can’t wrap my head around how. o.o I thought I was proficient in English, dammit.

The error means that “waking something” with the verb “wake” (among others) is already understood by Inform, so you don’t need to redefine it. Have a look in the Index under Actions.

There’s a default check rule called “block waking rule” that by default prevents waking anything. You can unlist this rule or move it to the end of the rulebook and add your own check, carry out, and report rules for specific wakeable things.

then how do i wake up someone with the wake up thing already in the code?

This is just air code, but something like this should work:

Check waking someone dead:
  say "[They're] dead, Jim." instead.

Check waking someone asleep:
  rule succeeds.

Carry out waking:
  now they are awake.

Report waking:
  say "[The actor] blearily [opens] [their] eyes."

An Instead of waking [someone] rule will bypass the default check, and the asleep status will allow you to specific that only sleeping people can be awoken.

Like so:

Instead of waking an asleep person (called the sleeper): Say "You shake them awake."; Now the sleeper is awake;

EDIT: You’d need to tweak it to suit dead people, obviously.

i tried adding Instead of waking a dead person (called the corpse): Say "You shake them a bit, but nothing happens."but the move failed. :frowning:

Interesting. I cut and pasted your code into the testbed I pulled the other rule out of (and tacked in dead/alive), and it ran fine. What did it do for you?

i got it to work. ^^

Use a check rule: Check zapping someone (called S):…if S is asleep:…say “STAHP IT!” instead.

With appropriate tabbing. And if you’re not using an instead for the whole action anymore.