Waiting for player input

After printing my game’s prologue, but before displaying some final prologue text, the title, and the room description and so on, I’d like to pause and wait for the player to press any key to continue. I feel like it adds a much needed psychological sense of plunging in. Is there a way to do this within the showIntro method?



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dott. Piergiorgio.

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Perfect, thank you! adv3Lite’s version doesn’t take an argument but other than that it worked.

Do you know how to hide the statusLine when pausing for more in adv3Lite?

Isn’t it the removeBanner method?

I use the pauseformore so often I #defined it as Pause…

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Maybe, I dont know. I didn’t know which class or object to look on, so I wasn’t able to effectively search for a method to do what I want. Now that I know banner is relevant terminology, I can research better for myself.

Edit: having looked at it, I think I could make that work, yeah.

BannerWindow class,but all symbols should show up in the libref when in doubt…

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At least in adv3, showBanner works for custom banners, but if I remove the status and want to display it again, I have to call statusline.initBannerWindow…

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OHHH I didn’t know there was an all symbols button there, that’s super useful, damn!

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I’d never have made it without the symbol index in the libref!

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