Wade Clarke's IFComp 2020 reviews

I’ll be posting any reviews to my IF blog, Wade’s Important Astrolab. I’ll add a link to the communal reviews spreadsheet whenever I do. I’ve pasted my overview of how I’ll proceed below, which is text I culled from the post of my first review for this year:

“My reviews will probably be detailed, but without major spoilers (revelations, twists, solutions, ending details). If I want to talk about those things, I’ll put it after a clickable jump break. That said, my level of general detail tends above average. If you are ultra spoiler-averse, you shouldn’t be reading strange reviews before playing the games they address, especially mine, and it’s always your own fault for doing so the moment you experience spoilage. It definitely isn’t mine! Disclaim, disclaim!”



Please definitely link to alert us to new reviews on the blog.

For new reviewers, that’s absolutely legit if you prefer not to duplicate your entire review text here: create your own thread with review links to drive blog traffic.

First review is for The Brutal Murder of Jenny Lee

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Second review is for SOUND

Third review is for For a Place by the Putrid Sea

Fourth review is for The Place

Fifth and final review is for Alone


When I said I wasn’t going to write again, I lied.

Something about Amazing Quest