VS Code help!

VS Code just updated itself without my consent on my '17 laptop, and now it refuses to function on my operating system. I would shed metaphorical tears to have to go back to TADS editing in BBEdit, so can anyone help me out? Is there a binary available of an older version of VSCode? If there is source available (as it appears there may be on GitHub), can anyone walk me through the building process? I’ve built a few libraries from source before, but never enough to remember what I’m doing and there were usually explicit instructions involved.
Any help appreciated!

(I don’t even know if I have the hard disk space to upgrade my operating system, which is 10.14.2)


I haven’t tried downloading from here, but maybe this is what you want? Visual Studio Code January 2024

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Also you can turn off auto updates in vscode.

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My thanks to you, sir! I had to go back in time a little ways from Jan '24, but the page with binary downloads was what I needed. Back in business!

agree with Phil on turning off the auto updates (together other nosy thing from, well, seattle…) and, in my case, Debian Linux, I allow vscode upgrades only from the distro. doing thing well with good synapsis, if one caught my drift… :wink:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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