Voting Thread for the Game of the Month: September 06

Now that everyone had a chance to make a nomination, it’s time to choose the game of the month for September.
The voting will run for one week, and close on 7 September 2006.

I tried to collect a few links with information about these games.

Savoir-Fair (Baf’s Guide)
Shades of Gray (Baf’s Guide)
Worlds Apart (Baf’s Guide)
The Ghost Train (IF Wiki)
All Hope Abandon (SPAG)

Feel free to discuss your preferences below, but be aware that only your vote on the poll counts.

Well, I was the one (or one of two actually) who suggested Savoir-Faire so that’ll be my choice.

Which game is the shortest? :slight_smile:

At least I breezed through All Hope Abandon quite quickly… some of these games I haven’t even played, so if any of those is picked, guess I’ll have to sit down in front of the computer and actually play it. :blush:

I voted for The Ghost Train, but now I’m kind of changing my mind.

I’m sick of playing and seeing people talk about the games written by the big name people, like Short and O’Brian.

Yeah they write good games, and they are probably actually worth discussing more than something by a lesser known author, but since they’ve already received so much attention, it would probably be more rewarding to play and talk about something else.

Assuming we talk about it…judging by this month’s discussion thread, I doubt that there will be a lot to talk about!

I don’t know of a Paul T. Johnson. Is that somebody’s pseudonym?

Not as far as I know. He has a website at

I’ve only played one of them - The Ghost Train - but that’s a fairly sizeable game. A lot bigger than standard IFComp size (although a good deal of the time is working around bugs unfortunately).

I can agree with that to some degree, but then I’ve only ever been involved in one Emily Short game discussion before (about City Of Secrets) so I don’t feel that I’ve debated her games too much.

Maybe for next month, we should deliberately pick lesser known games by lesser known authors, just to ensure we’re discussing a game that’s new to all of us.

That’s precisely the reason why I nominated Shades of Gray. I thought it might be a good chance to try something older. And, no, it’s not because I feel “retro” :smiley:

Myself, I favour Shades of Gray at the moment, because I’ve never played an AGT game before, and I’m also interested in how a collaborative game may look like.

However, I think I first should try to write a review of The Baron and join the discussion…

So I guess it’s All Hope Abandon for this month then?

Thanks to everyone who voted. Yes, ‘All Hope Abandon’ it is indeed.