Vote for ADRIFT Game of the Year Award (2019)

The number of ADRIFT games has been increasing in the last few years for several reasons. Thus the ADRIFT community has decided to revive the ADRIFT Game of the Year Award, starting with 2019.

Anyone who enjoyed an ADRIFT game published in 2019 is welcome to vote at the ADRIFT site (link below). You will have to create a username and password if you are not already a user, but that should not take long.

The voting runs till tuesday March 31 2020 (UK-time :smile: ) and it can be found here:

The nominees are:


If you want to vote, you have until and including 31st of March. Just follow the link above.

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The voting is over. Thanks to those who voted. Next year we expect that you do not need to create a user on the ADRIFT forum to vote. We will also apply a score system similar to IFcomp (1-10 points for each game you have played).

The ADRIFT Game of the Year award goes to Skybreak! (24 points)
:boom: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :boom:

Call of the Shaman: 7 Points
Treasure hunt in the Amazon: 6 points
Starship Quest: 4 Points
The Lost Labyrinth of Lazaitch: 4 Points
Magnetic Moon: 3 Points
Revenge of the Space Pirates: 2 Points

More info here: