Vorple version 3.2 released

Vorple version 3.2 is now available (download here). This release focuses mainly on the JavaScript tools and improving some basic interpreter features, which lets authors more easily modify interpreter behavior. A major refactoring under the hood is moving from Git to Quixe as the base interpreter, which significantly improves loading time and JavaScript execution time, and decreases the overall package size.

Major new features are tools to exchange virtual files between JavaScript and the Inform game, and input/output filters and event listeners which can be used to observe and modify player’s input and the game’s output. The interpreter also handles save/restore better, with separate prompts and a list of saved files when restoring instead of having the player remember and type in the filename. The full lists of new features: JavaScript library, Inform 6 libraries and Inform 7 extensions.

Currently installing and developing with Vorple and distributing games is much too complicated, especially compared to how easy the Inform 7 IDE makes starting a new I7 project. We’re focusing next on making major improvements there.


Wonderful! The virtual file exchange sounds particularly interesting!

We’ve made a bugfix release 3.2.1 that addresses issues with Inform 7 not recognizing the interpreter handshake and spawning runtime errors because of that, and issues with Inform 6 games that request Unicode input, mainly for the Russian Inform library. The downloads are available from https://vorple-if.com/download.html.