Vorple status line: how to use full-width status line?

I’m using the Vorple status line extension to customize the status line and “Use full-width status line” isn’t working as I expected.

I put Use full-width status line. in near the top of my code, after including all the Vorple extensions.

I thought this would make the status line (which I constructed in When play begins) span the whole screen, but the status line still seems to be the same width as the main text column. Also, putting in this line makes the status line show up only once, when it’s constructed, after which it scrolls off the screen and doesn’t come back.

Am I using the full-width code correctly? I feel like I might be putting it in the wrong place or wrong context.

That’s another regression issue! Your usage is correct. You can download a fixed version here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vorple/inform7/master/Extensions/Juhana%20Leinonen/Vorple%20Status%20Line.i7x


I’m having a similar issue, when using the full-width code, the status line is not even appearing once, and it is not there when using inspector, it feels like it is ignoring the construction of the bar completely.
Other than that (when not using full-width) it is working fine, but creating a small gap between the borders of the browser and the status bar.
I’m using the fixed version of the extension from GitHub that @Juhana has lined above.
Should I try something different?