Vorple + exporting actions to Google Sheet in real time


I’m curious if anyone has experimented piping a user’s typed-in actions directly to another file (e.g., Google Sheet)? The context here would be to analyze how players play through the game, to determine where things are perhaps too easy/linear or even a bottleneck.

More specifically, I’d like to test this out with Vorple, and I imagine this kind of thing could be achieved with some JS. (I’ve got Vorple up and running; it’s the whole “whatever the player types goes to a spreadsheet column” part I’m investigating.)


It’s straightforward to post JSON to a Google Sheet (or anything else I guess). There were also a few services/libraries that wrap the Sheets API specifically last time I looked. Here’s some of the things I was looking at then:



GitHub - liddiard/google-sheet-s3: Google Apps Script that publishes a Google Sheet to Amazon S3 as a JSON file. Auto-updates on edit & maintains data types. Creates an array of objects keyed by column header.


How to Submit an HTML Form to Google Sheets…without Google Forms | by David McCoy | Medium

Thanks for those resources, George! I’ll check out Twine, since that seems pretty straightforward. I thought I recalled somewhere where @Juhana mentioned/shared something about this for Vorple + Inform 7 (basically writing typed input into a spreadsheet, or some externally hosted file), but I could be misremembering. I’ll take these resources and dig in a bit. Thanks again!