Vorple and Flexible Windows extension?

I’m assuming these two things are incompatible as well? Doesn’t seem to work for me.

Yeah, Vorple doesn’t implement all the glk interface, so no native timers or windows.

You can have the same effect with JavaScript though. For multiple windows, you would create an HTML element on the page which will represent your window and focus in that element before printing text. With some CSS, you could achieve a nice presentation.

You should also be aware of these two bugs.

Hi BadWolf,

Recently, I wrote a project using flexible windows and the glimmr library to do graphics and hyperlinks within freestanding interpreters. As I recall, these modules haven’t been updated in a while and aren’t compatible with recent versions of Inform, so I used an older version for the project. One problem I ran into is that the code throws an error under strict glulxe interpreters, in particular Quixe, which means that the game won’t run in the web-based interpreter.

Since more and more people prefer to run games in a browser, I ended up dumping the whole flexible windows/glimmr approach and went with the current version of Inform + Vorple + CSS to chop up the screen into various windows, position graphic objects, etc. Vorple is still somewhat in development, but it has a lot of features built-in and makes it easier to leverage Javascript and CSS. Going with a browser-based approach also allowed me to implement accessibility features that (I think) would have been impossible in a VM client.

Curious – what features of flexible windows do you need for your project?

  • Jack

I’m still maintaining FW, although I got halfway through an ecosystem overhaul so you need to download lots of extensions from the Github repo.

Hi Dannii – Yes, I recall that Ben got a revision of Rover’s Day Out working with Quixe, at least to some extent and it’s windowing system relied on flexible windows. So, the updated flexible windows seems workable, but I don’t think Glimmr has been updated. Flexible windows would still by my go-to to subdivide window area under glulxe.